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Real-World Experience Tops Traditional Internships

An exceptional academic record is rarely the deciding factor for new grad hiring and early-in-career performance.  A report by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and Hart Research Associates indicated that 87% of employers

Ideas Waiting on Bandwidth or Budget? Try Trumio Instead!

Are you a business, product or technology leader who has new ideas and initiatives that can make a difference? Yet, you cannot explore them right now, because internal team bandwidth is not available beyond immediate priorities.

Trumio – Supercharging Innovation with University Teams

AI is in the mainstream and workplaces are readying for disruptive change. While regulation may impose limits, incorporating AI within application or enterprise walls is happening right now and growing exponentially. This will accelerate the demand

Trumio’s AI Journey: Living it for Real

It has been a busy past year ideating, getting feedback, developing the Trumio platform, and getting ever closer to our initial release. A lot has happened in that timeframe, including the mainstreaming of AI into the

Should We Fear the Future of Work?

Creative disruption is often how the old gives way to the new. New companies or technologies enter a market and fundamentally alter the way in which business is done. With the massive interest in the use

Benefits Flexibility on The Move

The war for talent continues to be fierce in a post-pandemic world. Employers are innovating to find new ways to retain top talent and teams while contending with economic uncertainties in a tightening macro environment. One
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