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Make Your "Impact".

Grow professional networks, membership, and reputation through globally sourced experiential projects.

Why Trumio?

Student clubs are the crucible where focused expertise, competitive pursuits, and industry collaboration skills get formed and honed.
Trumio makes sourcing challenging projects easier with access to global clients and alumni while supporting a consistent process of delivery.
Growing reputation and member satisfaction attracts talented aspirants and interested clients creating a virtuous cycle of success.


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Trumio for Student Clubs

Meet your Purpose

Build the leaders of tomorrow through direct industry interactions, real-world problem solving and deeper industry insights.


Establish and grow the legacy of your Club by raising its public profile and impact and attract new opportunities for members.

Earn and

Turn your collective passion and skills into member and Club earnings by winning projects, delivering results, and making referrals.

Professional Networking

Expand your professional network across industry professionals, alumni, talent, and clubs from other universities.

Deliver with Confidence

Establish continuity and consistency in project execution by utilizing AI tools and best practices throughout the lifecycle

Ramp to Entrepreneurship

Leverage the skills, talent, and industry relationships into entrepreneurial initiatives before and after you graduate.

Project Areas


  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Data Analytics
  • Research & Development

Science & Engineering

  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Research
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Lab to Market


  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing


  • Data Labeling
  • Content Creation
  • User Research
  • and more …

Explore Trumio


ESG Business Plan

  • Variable Price
  • UK


  • Agritech
  • Analytics
  • Business Planning
  • +1
Profile Picture

Business Lead

Asset Mgmt Company

Smart Home Gadgetry

  • Variable Price
  • India


  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Database Management
  • +1
Profile Picture

Amit Pal Singh

Total Environment

Custom LLM for Legal Search

  • Variable Price
  • Spain


  • Generative AI
  • Custom LLM
  • LangChain
  • +1
Profile Picture

José Manuel Sánchez Marín


NLP and LLM Analytics

  • Variable Price
  • Singapore


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • +1
Profile Picture

Kshitij Singh


AI-Assisted Troubleshooting

  • Variable Price
  • USA


  • Generative AI
  • Custom LLM
  • Heuristics
  • +1
Profile Picture

Technical Lead

Cloud Security Company

Want to Know More?



How Trumio Works

How Trumio Works

View open projects

Explore a range of diverse projects posted by global clients from various industries.

Bid for a project

Submit team bids for projects that match your club’s goals and interests.

Deliver the Project

Work as a team to complete projects efficiently and to the highest standard.

Get Paid

Receive payment upon approval of each milestone and eventual project completion.

Earn Referrals

Bring projects and talent to Trumio and accumulate rewards when they get paid.


Expand Reach

Tap into a global network of alumni and independent clients from around the world and grow your Club’s professional network.

Grow Careers

Elevate your Club’s reputation and industry involvement to help your members gain top-notch learning opportunities and land their best first job.

Operate Efficiently

Utilize the platform tools and best practices to deliver consistent quality on projects and run your Club operations smoothly and effectively year after year.

Attract Talent

Draw the best from your university talent pool by creating a virtuous cycle of innovation and enterprise, engaging in more challenging and impactful projects.

Earn Referrals

Enjoy referral rewards from Trumio to supplement your budget when you bring in alumni, talent, and projects onto the platform.

Use Cases

Student Universities

IIT bombay

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kanpur

IIT Varanasi

IIT Delhi

IIT Guwahati

Miranda House

Manipal University

Shri Ram College of commerce

Berkeley University Of California



100%. Clubs can be selective on what projects they bid on, while providing flexibility for members to engage on other projects as part of independent teams.  
Trumio engages with Alumni more broadly than the Club and in different project areas. When prior alums are not on Trumio yet, Clubs can provide a referral and earn rewards when they join and engage on successful projects. 
There is no cost to Clubs, students, or teams joining Trumio.  All project costs and Trumio fees are borne by clients.

All talent and team members are vetted and visible as part of a project workgroup and have equal access to clients. If individual members do not deliver with quality or their schedules change, they can be replaced by other members in the project team.  

You got it! That is the core idea behind Trumio – to enable multi-member teams of talent with complementary skills to deliver on client projects. Clubs generally restrict access to only approved members, and a project team can be easily drawn from its membership.
  • Payment milestones are included in bids and contractually agreed with the client on the platform. Trumio ensures that clients have funded milestones prior to execution, although payments are released only on milestone completion and acceptance. 
Dispute mechanisms are built into the Trumio workflows and can be raised by both clients and teams. This allows stakeholders to discuss a resolution or seek arbitration from Trumio or any mutually agreed third party.