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Welcome Back to Your "Roots".

Give back to grow your alma mater and your career working with your trust circle.

Why Trumio?

As alumni, you carry your alma mater’s badge of honor and may wonder how to give back without taking on undue burden and time commitment.
Trumio helps reconnect with the university ecosystem to source next generation talent for research, proof-of-concept, and prototyping projects.

Speed up project execution with teams of students and experts and get recognized for your innovative leadership and community impact.


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Trumio for Alumni

Drive Innovation

Boundless enthusiasm, unconstrained thinking, and willingness to test the impossible. Draw on university talent to spur innovation.

Give Back

Finding a way to make an impact is not always easy. With Trumio, you give back and create business value as two sides of the same coin.

Source Talent

A key tenet of leadership is to build followership and recruit talent. Start with your trusted university circle today!

Expand Your Network

Open the door to new conversations and connections among your peers and across the industry as part of the Trumio community.

Be the

As the world changes, the next generation can benefit from your mentorship and guidance. Be the bridge to their greater future.

Build Your

Use the power of the network to amplify your contribution to your alma mater and beyond and gain recognition.

Project Areas


  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Data Analytics
  • Research & Development

Science & Engineering

  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Research
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Lab to Market


  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing


  • Data Labeling
  • Content Creation
  • User Research
  • and more …

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How Trumio Works

How Trumio Works

Select team

Review received bids and evaluate talent and teams from your alma mater. Make your selection and complete contracts with all project team members.

Fund project

Send funds in advance for at least two milestones to start the project.

Review & Pay

Directly review or assign a delegate to assess submissions and release payment only on approval.

Refer and Earn

Refer talent, clients, and other alumni to Trumio and earn rewards as well as mentor students as needed.


Speed Execution

Accelerate business execution on your priority projects by engaging diverse and skilled teams of university students and experts on-demand.

Give Back

Contribute to your Alma Mater by creating opportunities for collaboration and project engagement with the current student body and university staff.

Nurture Talent

Attract the best talent by engaging with them on innovative, impactful projects while developing deep insights into their expertise, skills, and cultural fit.

Actively Mentor

Align your time and interest to mentor next generation talent and learn from their perspectives through direct or advisory project engagement.

Grow Career

Deepen community ties, innovate faster, get recognized for your contributions and accelerate your career growth.

Use Cases

University Talent

IIT bombay

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kanpur

IIT Varanasi

IIT Delhi

IIT Guwahati

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London School of Economics

Manipal University

Shri Ram College of commerce

Berkeley University Of California



Not necessarily. You can easily search for talent and teams from your university and invite them to bid on your project. We also welcome your recommendations to us or to the university for a formal tie-up.

There are no membership fees. As a Client user you can join and list projects for free. You must agree to pay the full cost of accepted bids and the applicable Trumio fee, only after you have selected a team and signed a contract. 

Trumio is a one-of-a- kind platform that brings together all stakeholders at a University to collaborate and exchange value. Alumni clients get a talented workforce and students and professors gain from experiential learning and industry engagement.

Trumio is available for one-off projects and also for annual subscriptions, which provide access to designated levels of talent, skill and capacity. Additionally, alumni can also provide mentorship and guidance through the Trumio platform.

Trumio offers a virtual workbench with embedded AI smarts across each step of the project lifecycle  to aid team formation, project planning, ongoing management, and delivery. It also provides access to tools and infrastructure needed for project execution.