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Building an Equitable Future of Work

About Trumio

Trumio’s AI-powered marketplace and virtual workbench platform is accelerating the speed of innovation and project execution for global businesses by engaging university ecosystems and experts on-demand.

Along the way, we are reinventing traditional internships into ‘flexternships’ and deepening bonds between Alumni and their alma mater. A true win-win! 

How it Works

Diverse, multi-disciplinary teams of students and experts across a global talent pool are available on Trumio to contract, collaborate, and deliver on outcome-based projects. On successful completion, these projects can progress to pilot and production phases driven by internal staff or via extended teams on the platform.

Are you ready to Trumio?

20 Most promising technology companies... in the U.S 2024”

Silicon India Award for Innovative Technology Company 2024

Our Mission and Values

To democratize access and opportunities for emerging talent, experts, and entrepreneurs in the future of work.


The world is your oyster.


Get rewarded for outcomes.

Teams First

Use collaboration as an impact multiplier.


Ramp to entrepreneurship the Trumio way.

Meet our Innovators

Ronnie Ray

Co-founder and CEO
Ronnie has a proven track record of creating new value from the ground up as a software entrepreneur, thought leader, and business executive, driving success at scale in technology companies.
Most recently, Ronnie was at Cisco Systems, where he led major software product innovations through the entire life cycle from ideation to launch to broad industry adoption. Prior to Cisco, Ronnie led product and technology functions at both public and private software companies and in his own startups, which were leaders in their category.
Ronnie’s vision of creating new opportunities for global talent where they find purpose, engagement, and fulfilling experiences with innovation and financial freedom at its core is the fuel behind Trumio.

Pradip Fatehpuria

Co-founder and CTO
Pradip is a visionary leader in innovation and technology with deep experience in developing cutting-edge products and services across diverse domains. From machine-human interactions to scalable cloud services and AI/ML infrastructure, he has consistently delivered breakthrough solutions delivering new user value.

Pradip firmly believes that creativity is the key driver of technological progress and has successfully led high-performing teams in industry leaders such as Microsoft and VMware to deliver game-changing product capabilities. With 13 patents to his name, Pradip is passionate about exploring new frontiers and harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of work in positive ways.

Raghu Venkatesam

Co-founder and CNO
Raghu is an executive with a deep focus on markets, clients, and related ecosystems. His wealth of experience in the US, Europe, and Asia brings a unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on experience in client acquisition and growth for start-ups and multi-billion-dollar businesses. In his recent roles as a business leader and a Senior Partner at IBM, he focussed on leveraging technology to deliver innovation, business value, and “Client Delight.”

Raghu believes in the democratization of work using technology, which benefits both clients and talent. His passion for providing alternative avenues for innovation and delivery and his conviction that all individuals can one day be “Tru-preneurs” securing skills and income for life are the driving forces behind Trumio.

Meet our Team

University Talent

IIT bombay

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kanpur

IIT Varanasi

IIT Delhi

IIT Guwahati

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Manipal University

Shri Ram College of commerce

Berkeley University Of California


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