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Trumio – Supercharging Innovation with University Teams

AI is in the mainstream and workplaces are readying for disruptive change. While regulation may impose limits, incorporating AI within application or enterprise walls is happening right now and growing exponentially. This will accelerate the demand for innovation multifold, as new or existing competitors start to rapidly do more (with less) and customers expect current incumbents to keep up.
So what’s your plan?
With Trumio you can utilize teams of University talent, powered by AI, as the X-factor in accelerating innovation. These teams learn fast, think fresh, and are fired up to make an impact. If this is intriguing, read on!

Current State of Innovation

A Harvard Business Review article from 2019 (pre-AI) reported that 94% of executives want their organizations to innovate faster. But, the lack of internal team bandwidth, access to readily available skills, delivery infrastructure, or adequate budget for research and prototyping – all create impedance. Most can recount situations where they have tried to incubate new projects as stretch goals or via skunkwork resources – to mixed effect. Often ideas and initiatives that could have a positive impact on the business today, just have to wait.
University research is rarely considered an option because there is no easy way to find teams with the right skill and capability and engage them effectively. Even if there were existing relationships for academic research, this is deemed too slow for business.
Trumio changes all that.

The Trumio Difference

Trumio is a secure, group work platform for research, prototyping or new product development. It helps University teams and clients connect, engage and achieve outcomes at an order of magnitude higher speed and lower cost. With the breadth of University talent, projects could involve software, hardware, sciences, or areas of business expertise like finance or marketing.
With in-built requirements, project management, collaboration, and best practices capabilities, Trumio provides a guided execution model for teams to securely deliver work and clients to engage with confidence.

Where to Start

The best way to realize the benefits of Trumio, is to start with research projects in the public domain that do not have specific IP or access concerns.
For example –
Let a team of University talent figure it out – quickly and cost effectively. Once you build trust with a team or individual members, more can be done for sure.
Since teams are composed of multi-disciplinary or complementary skilled talent, they can deliver on more complex outcomes than individual interns.

Giving Back

How would it be if the proven University team is from your Alma Mater, and you have the opportunity to give back at the same time? Or, establish relationships with the best future talent by working with them on real projects that your organization needs?
Trumio makes all of the above super easy.
Explore our pre-launch site and find out more! We already have teams identified from some leading universities, so if you have project ideas feel free to get in touch!

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