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Say Hello to "Flexternships".

Flexible project engagements for experiential learning working with global clients

Why Trumio?

The landscape of employment is evolving swiftly, driven by advancements in AI and emerging technologies.
Soft skills such as teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving are becoming more highly valued beyond domain expertise.
Trumio “flexternships” translate academic learning into valuable real-world skills through experiential projects.


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Average Duration
~ 1 Months

Trumio for Students

Experiential Learning

Gain hands-on experience, enhance skills, build a robust portfolio, and put an extra shine on your resume by working on real-world projects.

Flexible Internships

Join flexible, outcome-driven projects that fit your schedule and areas of interests aligned with your career aspirations.

Professional Networking

Expand your professional network by connecting with other students, industry professionals, alumni, and potential employers.

Paid Engagements

Earn while you learn by working on projects, delivering exceptional results, and getting paid on milestone completion.


Work with teams of diversely skilled talent from your university and beyond within a secure project workspace.


Develop valuable soft skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, and learn to use AI as a tool.

Project Areas


  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Data Analytics
  • Research & Development

Science & Engineering

  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Research
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Lab to Market


  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing


  • Data Labeling
  • Content Creation
  • User Research
  • and more …

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How Trumio Works

How Trumio Works

Create your profile

Register and join existing teams or start a new team with a full repertoire of skills in your domain of interest. 

View open projects

Explore a range of diverse projects posted by clients from various industries.

Bid for a project

Submit team bids for projects that match your skills and interests and sign contracts on acceptance.

Deliver the Project

Work with the team to complete projects efficiently and to the highest standards.

Get Paid

Receive payments for your contributions upon each milestone completion.

Earn Referrals

Refer students and clients to Trumio and earn rewards for successful engagements.


Harness AI

Learning and using the latest AI tools in your domain working on experiential projects makes you future ready.

Resume Boost

Real world project success demonstrated via Trumio certificates and ratings are a great showcase for your ability to deliver results.

Best First Job

Hands-on work with prospective employers positions you well to maximize income opportunities while ensuring cultural fit.

Job Readiness

Team collaboration and domain expertise learned through Trumio projects set you up to perform well at your first job from the get go.

Global Network

Build relationships for life with peers and clients to leverage later in your career for employment or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Use Cases

University Talent

IIT bombay

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kanpur

IIT Varanasi

IIT Delhi

IIT Guwahati

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London School of Economics

Manipal University

Shri Ram College of commerce

Berkeley University Of California



Any student enrolled at university is eligible to join Trumio, create their profile, join teams and bid for projects.

There are no membership fees. Talent and teams join and bid on projects for free, while clients pay the full cost of accepted bids and the applicable Trumio fee.

Any talent or team is eligible to bid on a client project. Clients can filter received bids based on criteria like bid amount, matched skills, and past ratings and are free to decide on which team or talent to select. 

Trumio can recommend team members based on matched interest areas and past project execution. However, team members are free to invite any talent or expert to join their projects.

A virtual workbench with embedded AI smarts across each step of the project lifecycle  to aid team formation, tools access, project planning, ongoing management, and delivery.

Trumio provides certified proof of project completion that can be included or showcased on your resume or portfolio.

Trumio empowers students to form sustained, independent teams that come together based on shared expertise and interest and execute on client projects. Once you graduate, Trumio can continue to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.