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Supercharge Innovation

Powered by AI.

The global platform to find and engage university project teams for research and prototyping.

High ROI

High ROI

Flexible Engagement

Flexible Engagement

Secure Execution

Secure Execution

The free platform for university students to find and deliver real world outcomes for global clients.

The Power of Innovation

"Everything is impossible, until it is done" -
Robert A. Heinlein.

Innovation drives the engine of growth, but it faces many barriers. Never let a good idea wait or become irrelevant because the path is unclear, internal teams are overloaded, or budgets are tight. Let highly skilled university research teams provide a cost-effective means of rapid exploration and prototyping that accelerates value creation.

Trumio For Organizations

A one-stop platform to engage talented university teams on outcome based innovation projects with security & confidence.


New Ideas, research and experimentation rapidly and cost effectively


Foster your future talent while benefiting from impactful outcomes today

Give Back

To your Alma Mater and beyond helping them gain real world experience

The Trumio Difference

Harness AI, on your terms

Learn how AI can accelerate and impact your future business

Talented Teams, not just individuals

Immediate access to a verified repertoire of skills and university talent

Reward Outcomes, not attendance

Pay only when mutually agreed results are delivered at each milestone

Example Project Areas

Accelerating Innovation and Giving Back to your Alma Mater made Easy with Trumio.

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