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Smart Home Instrumentation 

Project Name : Smart Home Instrumentation
Summary : Exploratory design, research, and sourcing of smart home instrumentation and gadgetry.
Project Type : Student Only | Engineering and Architecture
Client : Architecture and Construction firm based in Bangalore, India
Talent Source : IIT Kharagpur
Project Scope : Instrumentation design, Gadgetry sourcing, Vendor identification


A prominent architecture and construction company in Bangalore, India, is venturing into the development of prefabricated smart homes, aiming to revolutionize the construction industry by offering high-quality, technologically advanced residences. As part of this process, they needed to identify and source the necessary gadgetry and smart home instrumentation to enhance the living experience in these prefab homes. With a diverse range of sensors, cameras, automation systems, and other electronic components required, the company sought assistance in human factor design, researching alternatives, and identifying suitable vendors to source the required gadgetry to integrate into their prefab homes.


The architectural firm assembled a team of students with expertise in mechanical, architecture, and applications engineering from IIT Kharagpur to address the client’s needs. The team embarked on a comprehensive research and analysis process to design and specify the required gadgetry for the prefab smart homes. They identified various components such as security cameras, water sensors, automation systems, entertainment systems, and other IoT devices to enhance the living experience. 

Next, the team conducted extensive vendor identification to source components from reputable suppliers. They curated a database of potential vendors and assessed their product offerings, pricing, and suitability for integration into the prefab homes. 


Cost Savings

Leveraging student talent with diverse backgrounds allowed the firm to access specialized skills and knowledge at a fraction of the cost, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional consultancy services or in-house efforts. 

Diverse Expertise

The involvement of multidisciplinary team members enriched the project with diverse perspectives and facilitated comprehensive problem-solving, ensuring the selection of innovative and suitable gadgetry.


New Ideas

Emerging talent infused fresh ideas, enhancing the potential appeal of prefab homes to tech-savvy buyers and ensuring market competitiveness.