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ESG Business Plan

Project Name : ESG Business Plan

Summary : Agri-waste sourcing, compaction technology, and market identification for ESG products.

Project Type : Student Only | Research and Business Plan

Client : Asset Management firm based in London, UK

Talent Source : IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, London School of Economics

Project Scope : Agri-waste sourcing, Technology research, Market analysis, Business plan


The London-based Asset Management Company identified an opportunity to explore the use of agricultural waste as a potential source for creating ESG products for multiple markets worldwide. However, they needed to estimate sources of agricultural waste, identifying suitable processing technologies, assessing market acceptance for end products, and formulating an initial business plan. Additionally, the lack of localized expertise  posed key obstacles to the project’s success.


The client leveraged Trumio’s platform and contracted with a multi-disciplinary student team with backgrounds in agricultural engineering, computer science, and economics drawn from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and LSE London to carry out the research. Leveraging their diverse skill sets, the team conducted extensive research across the business and technology spectrum. This included  gathering and analyzing data on agricultural waste sourcing, technological processes for waste handling, shipping logistics, market demand, pricing levels, and financial modeling to create a foundational  plan.


Cost-effective Go Forward

Utilizing student talent from top-tier institutions allowed the Asset management firm to access specialized skills and knowledge at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional consulting services, and make a go-forward decision for further opportunity analysis.

Localized Expertise and Market Insights

Students with localized expertise in the source and destination markets enabled the client to gain valuable insights into the market landscape, regulations, and business practices, enhancing business plan accuracy.

Advance to Formal Plan

This project provided the client with a foundational research and business plan that can be improved upon by external consultants or internal team members at a significantly lower time and cost compared to the option of starting on the project from scratch